Professional Hints How to Beat Writer's Block Successfully

Professional Hints How to Beat Writer's Block Successfully
Table of Contents
  1. Professional Hints How to Beat Writer's Block Successfully
  2. 3 Main Reasons for Writer's Block
  3. 10 Useful Hints How to overcome writer's block
  4. How to stop writer's block: list of “don't do it” things

It may happen with every author, whether you are a professional author of many books or you just trying to get fresh ideas for making your first essay. You may feel stuck with creative thoughts and ideas. This can be pretty hard to find ways to get into the writing. If you feel totally stuck and have no idea how to overcome writer's block and find new inspiration for creating an interesting and successful essay, this article is for you! We have gathered here many good hints how to stop writer's block fast and easily.

Read all techniques we provide you here and try to use it when you will be stuck with writing. We guarantee our advice will help you to make a creative article with an outstanding topic in several hours. Lack of inspiration is a serious problem. We know great ways how to overcome writer's block!

3 Main Reasons for Writer's Block

Usually, there are three main reasons that don't let authors make their writing:

  • Timing. It may happen if you just sat with your laptop, trying to write a page at least, and your child started to cry, or you cannot stop thinking about some problems. You won't be able to write because you try to do it in a wrong time. That's why it's very important to choose your own time for writing. For some people, it's great to do this in the early morning, and others adore writing in the late evening. It's an individual thing, so you only have to try and to define what time is the best for you. If you have a small child, you have to start writing after your baby fell asleep: in this way, both of you feel calm.
  • Fear. Sometimes an author can be afraid of putting their thoughts on the paper because he or she may feel uncomfortable that other people can read it and start to criticize. If you give up and fears attacks you, it means you won't become a great author. That's why it's important to understand that you will get critique for any words you write. It's impossible to be an “ideal” author for everyone, and whether you are writing articles about politics, or making fun-fiction books, there will be people who love you and those who criticize you.
  • Perfectionism. This is a common reason that makes the author feel stuck with their writing, so how to overcome writer's block in this case? You just want everything to be perfect, and it can make you unable to write anything at all. There are no perfect things. You have to understand you will have enough time to proofread and correct your work to make it professional.

10 Useful Hints How to overcome writer's block

Here are some good advise how to beat writer's block fast and easily:

  1. Go for a walk. Sometimes you can be very concentrated on your personal problems, and this may distract you from the writing process. Try to go outside to refresh your brain and turn on your inspiration; this is a good idea if you are going to write a paper after a long day at work.
  2. Focus on your work without distractions. Many people complain they cannot concentrate on their writing while they continue to check their Facebook accounts or post photos on Instagram. And they keep asking: “How to stop writer's block?” The answer is to focus only on writing, to turn off your mobile, to close Facebook and stop thinking about posting a new photo of your desk on Instagram. You can do it later after your work will be finished!
  3. Do something to shake yourself: for example, if you are a housewife and you don't work, it may be hard for you to concentrate on writing. So, you can do some exercises, or make a short run, or jog – these simple things will get your blood flowing and make your brain work more productively!
  4. Try to play! Do you feel bored with writing and cannot stop thinking about how to overcome writer's block? Play a game, and it may help you to relax; switching your attention can unblock you successfully. If you have kids, play with them a little, if not, try some video games or puzzles.
  5. Change your location. Maybe your desk seems so comfortable, and you have bought it just for writing, and you feel that when you are sitting on that wide window sill in the kitchen, you feel much better with your ideas for topics? Just go to the most comfortable place and start writing.
  6. Read a good book; this is a great way to unblock your brain and switch your attention to writing.
  7. Try freewriting. Sit down and write for 10-15 minutes about anything that comes into your head; repeat this exercise every day to get the best results!
  8. Try some music: for some people, it is very helpful to distract from everything and focus on writing.
  9. Create your own routine before writing: for example, you can make a coffee and drink it at your table before you start working.
  10. Eat something tasty: it's hard to focus on something if you are hungry, but don't overeat because you will feel sleepy!

Use these simple techniques, and you will become an expert in how to beat writer's block!

How to stop writer's block: list of “don't do it” things

Do you need more solutions how to overcome writer's block? Here is a short list of things you shouldn't do.

  • Never try to force yourself to write if you don't feel inspired because you won't make anything good.
  • If you feel procrastinated or depressed, it's not a right time to fight with your wish to do nothing: just give yourself some time.
  • Don't try to write if you are watching TV or texting on phone with your friend.

We hope that you have found a lot of useful information in our article, and we wish you a good luck in creating your masterpieces in writing!