What Can You Do with a Philosophy Degree?

What Can You Do with a Philosophy Degree?

Why should a student study philosophy at the university and obtain a degree? Here you can read the information on what you should study at a philosophy faculty at the university, and what career you do after graduation.

What is actually the philosophy

Philosophy is the special study of fundamental and general aspects concerning such issues as existence, knowledge, mind, and even language. In other words, it investigates and explains the reasons and the results of the special fields of knowledge such as:

  • Nature of existence;
  • Ethics;
  • Truth;
  • Knowledge.

Philosophy at universities gives us the answers to the most fundamental and important questions about the problems of who we are and what are we living for. It examines our lives through the history.

What will you study for a degree?

If you are a university student of the philosophy faculty, a obtaining a degree during the first year you will study common disciplines and wide modules. It will give you a solid background in different fundamental areas, and it will help you to study successfully in the future. And only from the second or even the third year, students start to study special courses or modules that are necessary for them.

Undergraduate courses usually take three or four years. The university student will study philosophy of mind, logic, ethics, metaphysics, political philosophy, philosophy of science, etc. Many modules demand a hard working and writing numerous essays and research papers.

When you study philosophy, you obtain such important skills as critical thinking, logic and effective communication. Studying at the university will give you an ability to analyze all perspectives of the issue and to make a conclusion. So will be able to answer existential question, but where can a graduate with a philosophy degree work.

What kind of jobs are you qualified for?

If you have a university degree, you definitely have mastered the skill of critical thinking after the graduation from the university. This skill along with analytical ability are valued in a great number of business fields. This skill helps to find effective solutions to many problems so it may ensure your career growth after the graduation. Someone may think that there is nothing to do with a philosophy university degree. But this is misleading. If you are a university graduate and have a philosophy degree, there is a great number of careers which are available for you.

Philosophy university graduates may get a job in a great variety of fields with their degree. University graduates are able to work in teaching, politics and public relations. And it’s not the end. Students with a philosophy degree after their graduation from the university can be employed in communications, publishing, HR, advertising. Philosophy graduates also may work in business, civil service, scientific projects, banking and even the law. Graduates also can continue further philosophy study and research. Let’s talk about the most attractive careers a philosophy graduate can apply for.

Career in law

Many graduates have built their careers in law. Their skill of analytical thinking and the ability to express thoughts clearly as well as the ability to analyze arguments and distinguish the most important facts help them much in their career. All of these skills are highly valued in this field, and philosophy graduates are welcomed in many law schools. Graduates with philosophy degree are those who have one of the highest rates during acceptance to different law schools.

Career in journalism, publishing, and writing

Careers in this field involve such areas as book publishing, newspapers, and magazine production. The graduates can also be employed in many other media forms. Graduates are not limited in their choices. And due to globalization, information and digital revolution, traditional publishing has to struggle for its existing. The dramatic growth of digital media has worsened the business condition of traditional media, but at the same time has expanded job opportunities of university philosophy graduates. A student with a degree can also get a job in journalism and writing. They can be employed in research work, editing, etc. He can also become a professional writer.

Career in Federal, State, and Local Government

University students have the opportunity to apply for a great variety of reliable positions in different government agencies. It can be the Environmental Protections Agency, the Department of Transportation, and even the Goddard Space Center, etc. Philosophy faculties provide a great number of opportunities for government internships.

Career in teaching

In fact, a university degree provides for the graduates a great background and basis for the successful career in teaching at all levels. Graduates can use their skills such as good communication, logic and critical thinking in their teaching career. These skills help them to teach students to develop the same skills which make them successful.

In many countries, you have to obtain a special teaching degree in order to build your career in teaching. But there are some cases in which your philosophy degree will be enough. For example. You can work at private schools.

Careers in the health professions

It is known that graduates with the university degree are well-represented in the medical area as well. They can be employed as administrators and practitioners. It has become a tradition for medical schools to look for candidates with an arts degree. And they prefer graduates from philosophy departments. Philosophy students can make their career in orthopedics, psychiatry, ophthalmology, neurology, dentistry and the ability of analytical thinking five them an opportunity to take part in the cancer research. There are many graduates who work in the health administration.

Careers in business

In fact, business and philosophy seem to be so different and even opposite. But according to the practice, many successful businessmen started their careers with a philosophy degree. If you study this subject after the graduation, you can become a venture capitalist, manager, real-estate broker or stockbroker.

So if you have a philosophy degree, you can choose so many careers in numerous fields with your university degree. Just chose the one which is the most interesting to you. Many doors are open to you.