How to Write a Book Report - Tips that Really Work!

How to Write a Book Report - Tips that Really Work!
Table of Contents
  1. How to Write a Book Report - Tips that Really Work!
  2. How to Write a Book Report: Beginning
  3. College Level Book Report: Template
  4. Introduction
  5. Summary
  6. Critical assessment
  7. Conclusion
  8. Book Report Writing Help

You have got new task from your teacher, and now thinking about how to write a book report? Read our short guide. We definitely know how to write a book report college level, and we are ready to share it with you! At the start, let's realize how to define book report.

When people read book, they want to share their emotional reaction to others. Whether you like or dislike this book, you can share your detailed opinion to make other people read this book report. Writing this work will require from you a lot of practice and patience. You will have to make a detailed description of book characters plus specify which methods the author used to make the book.

This article will give you good tips on how to how to start a book report, how to do a book report; you will be real professional with writing this paper.

Students are required to write book report projects. Writing report can be easier if you know the main elements of this paper. According to essay writing, book report should have next certain elements:

  • specify type of report you're making;
  • write author and title;
  • specify time and location described by the author;
  • include short description of characters you want to discuss in your work;
  • don't forget to include examples and quotations to support your point of view.

This is how this paper's structure should look:

  1. Introduction (including brief background and bringing thesis statement).
  2. Short book summary (thesis, comparing this book with others, and how it is organized).
  3. Analysis (use quotes from the book to emphasize and develop your thesis).
  4. Conclusion (give a short summary, and explain why you recommend reading this book to the audience).

Keep in your memory that your work has two main goals: to introduce a piece of literature to readers and to provide your judgment. Your opinion on the book should be supported by strong evidence.

How to Write a Book Report: Beginning

If you are not sure how to start a book report, try to think that you have to give someone suggestions about some book you have read recently. We would want to give you four useful tips that may help you to start this work.

  1. At the start, provide report readers with a short preview, and make clear description of the entire story. Stay away from detailed information and spoilers about facts that took place in this book. If you are going to make a work about a book from series of several books, we suggest mentioning this entire series to your readers to involve them into reading it.
  2. Try to remember the entire story and write down why it attracted you, and which things were most exciting to read.
  3. Write down facts from the book you don’t like.
  4. Define audience that would be interested in reading this story, give people advice about it to make them interested.

Before making book report outline, it's useful to read some others reviews to understand how it's better to write and which important things you should mention. For example, if your work is connected with medicine, it's good to read care review book that summarizes best critical care trials. A lot of reading and practice will give positive results. If you're interested in reading report example, you can easily find many reviews on the Internet. After you have finished the outline, you can start writing your review. Don't jump from one part into another; try to concentrate and write everything step by step. Use the suggested template, you won't forget anything important.

After writing your work, don't forget about proofreading and correcting. Any good writing could seem just unprofessional if it contains grammar and logical errors. Spend some time to improve your review, and impress readers with strong work. When you do this job, feel free to use both vocabularies and online programs for checking grammar.

When you think about how to write a book report college level, you should keep certain structure. In next paragraph, you will find book report template. It can be used to make your writing more comfortable and logical.

College Level Book Report: Template


At the beginning of your entire work, you have to include bibliographic entry of this book that contains author's name, book name, year of publishing, and price (if known). For example, if you have to write book review about Robinson Crusoe, it must look this way: Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe. Oxford University Press, 2007; 258 pp; $49.99. Then you need to introduce the book and its author; remember the introduction shouldn't be long, one-half page is fine.


The goal of this work is to analyze the book, but anyway you should include short summary to provide book content to tell readers about this book plot. The summary should be not longer than one page.

Critical assessment

This is the longest part of your work, and it's most important section. During writing, you have to answer next questions:

  • What's the main goal of the author of writing this book? Does he/she accomplished this goal, and if yes, how did he/she does it; if not, why do you think?
  • Why people should read this book, does it bring something to readers?
  • What's author's viewpoint, does he/she provides strong evidence to convince readers in this point of view?
  • Is it easy for you to read this book? Which kind of style author uses (fiction, non-fiction, etc.)?
  • Is it a good logical construction in this book, would you like something to be different; if yes – what and why?
  • Compare this book with other articles or books on the same subject.

Keep in your memory that you should be specific and clear answering these questions; be sure to provide evidence to support your point of view. This part should be around three pages in length.


In this part, you have to summarize shortly all you wrote in main part and give recommendation about this book. You need to write would you recommend this book to read, and why; you also may write what this book had given to you and things you learned after reading. Remember conclusion shouldn't be longer than one-half page.

Book Report Writing Help

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