Best Online Jobs for College Students

Best Online Jobs for College Students

Looking for online jobs for college students? It’s no secret that being a college student is synonymous with being broke – tuition costs are high and there are everyday living expenses. Young people are struggling to balance classes, social life, work, and extracurricular activities and it can be hard to find a well-paid part-time or full-time job with a flexible schedule to earn extra money if you don’t have spare time or energy for working on a daily basis.

What can a smart student do? There are plenty of easy ways to get good income online if you have a computer and a fast internet connection at home. In this article, we will provide you with a list of great ideas on how to start making money with the best online jobs for college students that don’t require experience, the advanced set of special technical skills or specific knowledge in any field of studies. Check our simple tips to get started.

These opportunities will help you in earning extra cash and in starting a successful professional career after you graduate from a university with a degree.

Top 7 Online Jobs for College Students

The best part about good online jobs for college students is that you can perform them from the comfort of your own dorm room, don’t have to leave your house, can combine them with studying, and they don’t require a big investment. Here is the minimum that you need:

  • A good computer and consistent internet access any time a day and night
  • A professionally looking email address to contact your potential freelance clients or employers
  • PayPal or other legitimate payment options
  • Quiet space you can work and avoid distractions to increase your productivity
  • A personal account on Skype, a program for communication which you can use when you apply for a job on Upwork, Fiverr or other freelancers websites

Now you know the basic requirements. Let’s discuss entry-level jobs you may be interested in. Read this short list of popular of easy online jobs for college students and choose the one you prefer, taking into account your abilities and interests. Let’s begin with the lowest rate.

Taking Surveys

Pay: $2 - $20 per survey

Taking surveys is one of the easiest paid online jobs. You are paid by marketing research companies and express your personal opinion about certain products or the company’s services and no special skill is required. This type of job is suitable for complete beginners. Your task is to provide feedback and give answers to questions.

How to start: You can register on one of the legit survey sites - Ipsos I-say USA, Swagbucks or any other reputable site. Be careful if you come across a scam website. This business won’t bring you a lot of money but you can easily combine it with studies at higher school or another job because it requires little effort.

Ads Clicking Job

Pay: $200 per month; 30 minutes working

You will need to create accounts on different Paid to Click Sites (PTC) then visit them, sign in, and click on ads links. Your tasks will be to read them 20 seconds and they will pay you 1-2 cents for every ad. This job is easy. It can be compared to such jobs as captcha solving or leaving comments on forums and other online jobs for college students part-time. You don’t have to sell something yourself so it can be a good choice if you don’t like selling and sales.

How to start: You can join legal sites like NeoBucks or ClixSense.

Data Entry Clerk

Payment: $9 - $16 per hour

Data Entry is a stress-free job anyone can cope with because it doesn’t require complex skills or expertise in various fields. You need to enter information about various stuff. It’s not one of the best-paying jobs, you need basic skills as a computer user and can earn up to $600 if you work 2-3 hours, depending on your accuracy and typing speed.

How to Start: You can find such types of work on VirtualBee and other related web platforms you can find using Google search.

Website, App Testing

Pay: feedback is paid$12 -$15

You need to be tech savvy to be suitable for the job. You should speak English fluently, have an updated PC, and a broadband connection. Most tests don’t require much time and you can successfully combine it with studying at college and have enough time to get ready to take exams.

How to start: You can start searching such online jobs for college students on UserZoom, Userlytics.

Virtual Assistant

Beginners are paid: $20 - $30 per hour

These jobs have high ranking among students. Virtual assistants perform a huge variety of business owners tasks, including management of social media accounts, data entry, customer service, answering comments of Facebook group members, scheduling newsletter emails, sharing posts or published articles on social networks. You will need strong writing skills in these jobs. Would you like to find someone who can show you how to do it right? Hire a writer on our website.

How to start: Turn to such sites VA Networking, People Per Hour, and Zirtual.

Online Tutor

Pay: Starting from $12 -$20

Tutoring jobs are good if you feel you are an `expert in a specific field of knowledge. But it’s not limited to that. You can share your expertise in anything: photography, fashion, nutrition, music, and more. You can design a course and offer it on such platforms Skillshare and Udemy.

How to start: find tutoring jobs on special platforms, on MathElf.

Freelance Writing and Editing

Pay: from $10 to $25 per 1000 words

Writing articles requires creativity, strong English language skills, and perfect grammar and spelling. You can master these skills if you start a blog because blogging is a good idea if you need experience. You can write academic content. Writing on any subject is not easy and you can’t learn it in a couple of days. If you can’t write good content, why not purchase a quality sample?

How to start: A quick search over the web will demonstrate that there is no shortage of writing jobs on a variety of websites.

Finding the best online jobs for college students may take some time. But it is worth it. These jobs will give you the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world and will help you develop set of useful skills that are important in your real life.