6 Best Self-Editing Tips on How to Write Well

6 Best Self-Editing Tips on How to Write Well
Table of Contents
  1. 6 Best Self-Editing Tips on How to Write Well
  2. 1. Read Good Texts
  3. 2. Write As Much As Possible
  4. 3. Check The Word Choice
  5. 4. Have A Rest
  6. 5. Capture Your Ideas
  7. 6. Always Revise

Are you going to improve your writing skills and don’t know how to do that? Here you can find the most effective tips on how to make your writing better.

In fact, the best way to make your writing good is to look at it from a different point of view and become an editor of your own texts. If you conduct a research and other preparatory work, it will be hard to find a professional writer or editor who will know your data and your material better than you. You need to understand the main mistakes and the ways how you can correct them. Read about it here in the article.

1. Read Good Texts

You can think that this tip is so obvious and common. But it’s the best way to start your writing and editing. If you read great texts regularly, you will know how to edit them. Every work in the world should be started from the learning from professionals. And the writing is not an exception. Look for the great texts, and you will find and develop your own writing style.

2. Write As Much As Possible

If you want to make your writing better, you have to practice all the time. You should work every single day, and even several times if you have an opportunity. In fact, writing and editing are special skills, and you should practice them if you want to become a good author.

3. Check The Word Choice

You should always pay attention to the language style and the word choice while editing. Find and eliminate all weasel words. Every person has pesky words or phrases which he often uses and without the need just because of his habit. If you have such words, record them to your notebook and edit texts by checking them for those words.

4. Have A Rest

It’s important to work at intervals, especially when editing. You should have a rest after every couple hours of editing. Just leave your work and do something else. For example, do some exercise. It can give a rest to your brain. And you will have an opportunity to recover and start working on your text with new forces.

5. Capture Your Ideas

It is the main tip on how to make your work interesting, engrossing, and enthralling. It is a quite creative process, and you don’t know when you will be inspired. So get a handy little notebook and always take it with you. So you will have the opportunity to write down all your ideas for articles, stories, plots or characters wherever you go. These ideas will inspire when you start working.

6. Always Revise

It’s one of the most important parts of the process. Many authors consider editing and revising hateful and unnecessary. But still, do not avoid it and edit your articles. Because if you intend to become a great author, you have to learn how to edit and revise your texts. The revision is able to separate the great from the mediocre so it can show who is a good author. Look for:

  • Spelling mistakes;
  • Grammar mistake;
  • Bad word choice;
  • Unnecessary or confusing phrases and words.

So here are the best tips how to start writing, how to edit and do it in the best way. Good writing and editing skills have so much common with time management, with the ability to organize yourself and with self-editing. So follow them and improve your skills every day. And soon you'll be proud of yourself! But if you still have any problems with writing you always can ask for the professional help.